Human Tissue Bank obtains tissues from dead bodies and prepare  them according to the International standards for the purpose of grafting.Radiation methods are used for sterilization and the tissues so sterilized are safely stored and issued to hospitals which need them.

Type of Tissue Processing in the Tissue Bank
    All kinds of bones
  Freeze dried and Deep frozen
  Freeze dried and Deep frozen

    Eye Sclera

  Freeze dried and Deep frozen
    Amniotic Membrane
  Freeze dried and Deep frozen
  Deep frozen
Donor selection and criteria
Age Limit
Adults : Below 70 years
Children : Over 10 years
Time Limit
  Within 12 hours after death
Within 24 hours after death (Cadver should be store in the refrigerator at least within 02 hours after death.)
Tissues cannot taken if the donor is contaminated any of the following diseases.
  Viral contamination
  Bacterial contamination
  Fungal contamination
Sterilization of Human Tissues
Using Co.60 Gamma radiation at the dose of 25 kGy maximum. This does calculates by the bioburden estimation.
Tissues Packaging
Tissues packed with treble pack.
Donor Blood are tested for HIV 1 & 2, Hepatitis B & C, and VDRL.

Use of bone allograft

Freeze Dried  Cancellous
Bone Chip
Deep Frozen Patella Tendon
Removal of Long Bones
Bone being Prepared
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