Services and Activities
Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society was established under Cornea Grafting act No.38 of 1955. This is a government approved charity organization.

The International Eye Bank was begun by the late Dr. Hudson Silva in 1961. At that time only condemned prisoners were the source of eyes. Now due to the generous eye donation, we are able to provide corneas to Sri Lankan patients and patients the world over. To date 47015 corneas have been donated internationally and 28150 corneas donated locally.

Strict quality controls are maintained so that good corneas can be provided to the needy patients. The corneas are provided in moist chambers as whole eyes or corneal discs in special media. Tissues preserved in media survive longer then moist chamber eyes.

Fully qualified personnel are employed to process the corneas, harvested from various parts of the country. Preservation times and harvesting times after death are strictly adhered to. The ultimate aim is to supply quality risk free corneas to the patients.

In the wake of the success of Eye Banking, a model human tissue bank was set up by the late Dr. Hudson Silva in May 1996.  This project was funded mainly by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The products available are, Bones, Fascialata, Eye Sclere, Amniotic Membrane. These are available freezer dried or deep frozen In procurement of all tissues for both Eye bank and Tissue bank, the laid own guide lines and protocols are strictly adhered to. All products are checked. Tissues are sterilized by gamma radiation. All these donors are tested for H.I.V. and Hepatitis.C

Currently we also run a contact lens clinic. Rigid gas preventable contact lenses are ground in the laboratory. We also have facilities to do E.R.G testing. A fully equipped eye hospital is present for surgeries such as cataract, glaucoma and corneal grafting.